What We Do

Have you ever wondered what happens to your coffee machine when you send it away for service?

What work is actually done and what do you get for the money you pay?

We would like to show you in pictures what we do regarding service.

Dismantlement & Re-wiring

During a service your machine has to be dismantled. You can see in these pictures that the circuit wiring is in a real mess. They come this way from assembly in Italy, but we tidy it up by rerouting circuitry neatly and securing it with plastic ties.

Gearbox Service

If you have a bean to cup machine we recommend a gearbox service and ubrication otherwise the gears will eventually dry out. Without lubrication they will fail.

Not only is it annoying and costly for the owner when this happens, it's also time consuming and needless.
That is why we recommend you have this service carried out when the coffee machine is sent to us for normal service or repair.

Micro Switch Testing

We test the micro switches as these often become faulty and require replacement.

Cleaning & Boiler testing

All the components are thoroughly cleaned and inspected.

Boilers are flushed, cleaned and electrically tested.

We replace all of the seals and the wiring is re-routed and secured ready for re-assembly.

Reassembly & Full 20 Cycle Test

We often carry out additional tests to the already stringent 20 cycle tests.

Typical time in service:
(from start to completion and ready to ship back)
11 hours.

No other Gaggia Saeco service center devotes the time and procedures to service and repair.

All our service is backed by a 6 month warranty on all the work we undertake, a no quibble guarantee.

Why would you want to go anywhere else?

24 Hour Rapid Response

Rapid Response

We respond to all our enquiries within a 24 hour period and we will collect and deliver your coffee machine nationwide.

Dedicated delivery to your doorstep throughout most of England and Wales.

Pickup & Dropoff

Our dedictaed driver calls to homes and workplaces throughout most of England and Wales - ensuring no breakages.

We provide a 6 month guarantee on all replacement parts to enusre you will always have access to fresh coffee

Peace Of Mind

We guarantee all newly fitted replacement parts in your machine for 6 months giving you complete peace of mind.